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Trifacta Support WordPress site by Lee Powers

Trifacta Support

  • JavaScript Widget Embed
  • UserVoice Integration
  • WordPress
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Setup and coded the Trifacta Support web site from provided design files. Added advanced functionality to create a public-facing support interface for Trifacta internal support system. Coded a cross-domain JavaScript widget to be embedded on third-party customer web sites.

JavaScript Embed Widget

This widget functions similar to a Facebook or Twitter embed code. The end-user includes a JavaScript file on their own web site, along with an HTML snippet to control the display location. A button is rendered, and when clicked opens a lightbox that allows the end-user's customers to submit support tickets directly to their Trifacta account.

  • Screen shots - an end-user can capture a screen shot of the current web site with the click of a button. The screen shot is automatically attached to a support ticket, no file download or upload by the end-user.
  • Configurable JavaScript instantiation with several options. JavaScript attached to <head> and loaded asynchronously so as not to block page rendering.
  • Dynamically loads CSS files for styling widget buttons.
  • Lightbox loads via an <iframe> to minimize CSS footprint on parent site.
  • Uses postMessages for communicating between <iframe> and parent, and for maximum browser interoperability.
  • Also works from within the Trifacta desktop app.

UserVoice and Confluence

Tight integration with Trifacta's own internal systems, inlines with their customer support flow.

  • UserVoice - knowledge base posts and comments are stored in UserVoice. Custom WordPress plugin queries and searches the UserVoice API. Authenticated WordPress users can also post comments.
  • Confluence Atlassian - when it comes time to ask a question an authenticated user can post a support request. This is routed to the Confluence API to be handled by support staff.

Support Tickets

In addition to creating support tickets via the JavaScript embed widget, the Support web site is coded to accept and manage all of user's support tickets. A user can view the status of current tickets from data captured and cached (via the Transients API) from UserVoice and Confluence.

A user can also view all their comments and support discussions they are currently a part of, be these public comments or personal support tickets.

  • Technologies
  • JavaScript Embed Widget
  • Cross-domain
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Plugin Development
  • JavaScript
  • Integrations
  • UserVoice API
  • Confluence Atlassian

Screen Shot

Screen shot of the Trifacta Support WordPress site by Lee Powers.