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Oreion Motors web site by Lee Powers

Oreion Motors

  • Wordpress
  • Custom types, plugin & theme
  • WooCommerce
  • FileMaker
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Oreion Motors creates street-legal low-speed-vehicles (or LSVs) that can also handle off-road terrain. Similar to a quad or ATV - but better, and more flexible. The Oreion site showcases these vehicles in all their glory - but it's not only a promotional and marketing site, it also has advanced user-friendly features.


Built on Wordpress the Oreion site has the flexibility to implement any design vision and make all content editable by the client. A custom Wordpress theme and several custom plugins were authored to implement all site features.

Oreion Wordpress Theme

Derived from design assets provided by FCG. Utilizes ACF and custom page templates. Hand-coded, cross-browser HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript brought the design vision to life.


Custom theme was developed for WooCommerce, making the shopping cart match the rest of the site design. Store was setup, installed and configured to use FedEx for shipping and Authorize.net for payments.

Dealer Map Plugin

Custom Wordpress plugin providing contact form and dealer inquiry functionality. Wordpress admins and editors can promote a dealer to "authorized" status. This literally puts the dealer "on the map", enabling them on in the zip code search and placing their marker on the dealer map.


Anti-spam capabilities for user-generated content is provided by SpamPress, an anti-spam plugin that I authored. It utilizes multiple services, programs & heuristics to efficiently user-submitted contact & dealer inquiries for spam.

FileMaker Integration

Additional custom Wordpress plugin developed. Integrates WooCommerce with Oreion's proprietary FileMaker back-office. This enables the client to use their existing order fulfillment backend to fulfill WooCommerce orders.

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  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • HTML5
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  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • Integrations
  • FileMaker
  • SpamPress

Screen Shot

Screen shot of the Oreion Motors web site by Lee Powers.