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Measure C

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Measure C refers both to a transportation sales tax and to the organization created to help promote and manage funded projects. The Measure C web site serves multiple purposes: to highlight community benefits of the measure; a press/news resource; and a repository for project reports and forms. The site is implemented via Wordpress. It started as a turnkey theme that was heavily modified and improved.

Customized Theme

This Wordpress site started with the Construct theme, but quickly outgrew the limitations of a pre-packaged solution. I was called in to make multiple modifications to the theme, to exactly match design comps provided by the creative agency. This required multiple JavaScript, CSS and HTML changes. Additionally, several new custom post types and page templates were set up and coded. All content is fully editable by Measure C staff, without agency intervention.

Content Migration

An older, static HTML site already existed containing the bulk of the new site's content. I wrote a migration tool in PHP that utilized cURL, SimpleXML and DOMDocument. This tool scraped the old site, parsed the HTML structure, and re-assembled each page as a Wordpress object. This included downloading and migrating all PDF documents and images.

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  • Wordpress
  • Customized Theme
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  • Content Migration

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Screen shot of the Measure C web site by Lee Powers.