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Lawton & Associates 'Find an Agent' Wordpress plugin by Lee Powers

Find an Agent Plugin

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The Find an Agent plugin was written for the real estate brokerage Lawton & Associates in conjunction with Industrious Monkey. The plugin adds an important feature to the Lawton Wordpress site: it matches home buyers with real estate agents.

Defining Criteria

The plugin creates multiple Wordpress dashboard screens that enable site admins to define multiple matching criteria. This way, the site owners can funnel leads depending on what best suits the potential buyer or seller.

Finding an Agent

The plugin makes it quick and easy to find a matching agent. A user simply points and clicks (or swipes and touches) to select any criteria that meets their needs. The plugin then matches customer criteria against the internal database. The agent finder interface is implemented with jQuery and Chosen.js

  • Technologies
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • Chosen.js
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  • Agency: Industrious Monkey

Screen Shot

Screen shot of Lawton & Associates 'Find an Agent' plugin by Lee Powers.