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Fansler Restaurant Group site by Lee Powers

Fansler Restaurant Group

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Fansler Restaurant Group logo

This responsive WordPress site provides information about the Fansler Restuarant Group, a collection of restaurants in located in central California. I also developed several other sites in this group, including Westwoods BBQ and Yosemite Ranch.

Responsive Design

This site has a responsive design that fits to multiple screen sizes across a range of mobile devices. A custom slideshow plugin was written, far simpler and smaller than existing solutions. Uses CSS animations to smoothly transition between slides.


E-Commerce integration with PayPal allows customers to place orders for gift cards used at group restaurants.

Custom WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme is fully custom. And each page can be fully edited, including text, photos and slideshows. This custom WordPress theme adheres to theme coding standards, and will work with any plugin or post output.

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  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • PayPal Integration

Screen Shot

Screen shot of the Fansler Restaurant Group web site by Lee Powers.