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Elk Springs Resort WordPress site by Lee Powers

Elk Springs Resort

  • WordPress
  • MSSQL Integration
  • Custom Page Templates
Elk Springs Resort logo

Elk Springs Resort is a WordPress web site coded to list rental properties in the Smoky Mountains. The rental listings and booking & payment process are integrated with a custom MSSQL (SQL Server) back-end.

MSSQL Integration

Custom theme development to integrate the site design and layout with the back-end MSSQL server. The front-end of the site displays real-time rental availability and captures credit card details for bookings.

Cabin Pages

Multiple cabin pages derived from MSSQL data source; cabin archive pages for filtering and sorting; cabin single pages with details; reservation booking process.

  • Cabin Archives - filter by cabin type, amenities, location. Quick links for easy browsing. Shortcode for embedding archive carousel slider in other pages.
  • Cabin Singles - photo carousel, linked calendars for selecting dates, custom map with marker, persistent reservation sidebar.
  • Booking - Three-step wizard for creating a reservation. Syncs with MSSQL back-end to save and confirm reservations.

Custom Page Templates & Post Types

Various custom page templates and custom post types coded for the site:

  • Blog - blog archive, blog single, blog category templates.
  • Specials - CPT with archive, categories, optional click-through to singles.
  • Contact - multiple maps, social feeds, contact form.
  • Home - custom page template, multiple interactions pulled from MSSQL and WordPress database.
  • Technologies
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Page Templates
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
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  • CSS3
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Screen Shot

Screen shot of the Elk Springs Resort site by Lee Powers.