Lee Powers

[Web Developer, Web Designer & Programmer]

Demly Design AngularJS site by Lee Powers

Demly Design

  • AngularJS
  • Twig
  • Slim PHP
  • SASS
Lee Powers portfolio entry for Demly Design

Lead developer on a team to build the Demly Design PHP web app. Using SASS and AngularJS for the front-end interface. Backend coded in Slim PHP framework for app code, MySQL as the data store. Site is divided into three distinct dashboards based on the user type: Freelancers, Customers, and Administrators.

Freelance Dashboard

Freelancers are able to register an account and offer their services for hire, bidding on Customer projects. Freelancers can also manage their portfolios, message customers and admins, and setup their bank account and routing info to receive payments.

  • Create and manage a public portfolio. File upload with auto-deploy to AWS S3 and Cloudfront.
  • Securely and privately bid on projects. Message back and forth with Customers to discuss bids.
  • Setup bank account and routing to receive project deposits and milestone payments.
  • Upload milestone files such as screenshots and progress videos; upload deliverables on final payment.
  • Notifications sidebar to track recent bid activity, project activity, and admin communiqués.

Customer Dashboard

Customers can create projects for freelancers to bid on. Pay securely and send deposits with credit cards. Choose from available freelancers for a project.

  • Create and manage projects for bidding by Freelancers. Deposit is required to being work, so credit card details must be filled out. Project is set as complete once final payment has been accepted.
  • A custom algorithm automatically matches Freelancers to a Customer's bid, and the Customer chooses freelancers to invite to submit bids.
  • Can also manually invite a specific freelancer to bid on your projects using the freelancer email address. Sends email to on-board any non-registered freelancer.
  • Make final payment to receive final deliverables.
  • Notifications sidebar to see recent bids, communicate with freelancers, and converse with site admins.

Admin Dashboard

Administrators have a dashboard with multiple settings, and a bird's-eye-view of all site activity, projects, bids, and payments.

  • Algorithms - adjust the weights of different variables in the matching algorithm. Simulate different weights using a set of ten test freelancers.
  • Customers - view all customer signups, profiles, projects, bids, and more.
  • Projects - view all projects, new, completed specification, open (accepted bid), and completed projects.
  • Freelancers - view all freelancers, manage profiles, view their bids, and more.
  • Messaging - send messages to Customers and Freelancers. Respond to requests initiated by any user.
  • Technologies
  • PHP
  • AngularJS
  • Twig Templates
  • AWS S3 and Cloudfront
  • MySQL
  • Slim Micro-Framework
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • Integrations
  • Authorize.net AIM and CIM

Screen Shot

Screen shot of the Demly Design web site by Lee Powers